NAC 12/32/32.5/72 Plug-Ins

Welcome to the home of RSL Plug-Ins - the most exciting upgrades ever developed for your classic Naim preamp. Over 90 satisfied customers around the world!

Recent comments:

"I have been running Kit's boards in my 72 for just under two weeks now - wow what a transformation! Really brought my System to life; in fact I didn't think such an upgrade was possible! Definitely the best money I've spent on Hifi so far by a long shot.."(31 January 2015).

"...boards are home now and I can only say, where have they been all my life? They are just jaw-dropping.... "(October 2015)

Not merely an upgrade, the RSL Plug-Ins will totally transform your preamp by replacing all the active circuitry to bring you the most dynamic and engaging sound you have ever heard from your system.  Experience the thrill of re-discovering your music collection!

A breeze to install - they literally just "plug in" in a few moments. 

**The latest version of our output boards, Z250V (shown above), has 3 selectable gain settings to allow you to best match your system's efficiency. See more in the description of the Z250V.**

What's so special about RSL plug-ins? By using many surface mount components we are able to put better circuitry on each board, such as regulated power supplies and film capacitors, while at the same time retaining fully discrete transistor amplification.  Our plug-ins have evolved through dozens of iterations - every component has been carefully selected to enhance the sound quality to you, the listener.  The result is that only our  Plug-In sets can give your system all these benefits in a single stroke:

·         More musical than the original -  your RSL 12/32/32.5/72 preamp will outperform even a NAC52/Supercap, based on comparative listening tests.

·         Transparency, air, and dimensionality - hear every instrument in it's own space.

·         Amazing dynamics, detail, and bass clarity.

·         Voice, piano, horns - you can feel their presence right in your listening room.

·         MC & MM Phono plug-ins and even remote volume control (!) are also available.  Add them now or later.

·         Built to last a lifetime.

And, importantly, all our plug-ins include a 30-day, “no quibble” money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty on manufacturing defects. (Click here for warranty details). This is your best, no-risk way to achieve an up-to-date, superb sounding system!

The NAC 12, 32, 32.5 & 72 preamps are fully transformable, thanks to Naim's modular design. Our RSL Plug-Ins in effect give you an entirely new preamp with superb sonics that will dramatically enhance your listening enjoyment! (note: our Custom Set also fits the NAC 12S)

All prices include plug-ins for both channels.

We offer two different sets of plug-ins to start your transformation and several input options so you can tailor your own system:

·         the Custom Set - the foundational set to transform your preamp. All inputs go through these plug-ins, so they are most important. This set retains use of the front panel volume control.

·         the Custom Set with Remote, which, in addition to the fundamental change, brings remote volume control capability to these classic Naim preamps. (Note: inputs are still selected manually).

Each set consists of 4, easy-to-install plug-ins - Click here to find the installation video for your preamp and see how easy it is.

If you're not sure if you want remote control now, remember you can easily upgrade from manual to remote volume control in the future simply by replacing one plug-in board.

Depending on the set you want, be sure to order the inputs you need: Jumpers, CD/DAC High Level, or Phono plug-ins, either Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM).

You can even just replace your Line Out Amps with our spectacular Z250V plug-ins. See all the options below. If you don't see what you need, just send us an email and ask for it!

Item Name+
Custom Set

Custom Set

All prices include plug-ins for both channels. Buy the set and save $35 off individual prices. This set of 4 MusicPower Plug-Ins will remake the heart of your classic preamp. It gives your preamp all the dynamics, musicality and air you've always dreamed of and lets you decide on what inputs to use. The set includes the superb Z250V Line Out Amps **now with 3 selectable gain settings to best match your system's efficiency** (replace the NA321 boards), and the almost magic Z301 Time-Aligned...

Z150 MC Phono Input

Z150 MC Phono Input

All prices include plug-ins for both channels. MusicPower moving coil phono plug-in boards fit all NAC 12/32/42/62/72 series preamps. These boards bring a dramatic improvement in musicality and openness to your LPs. Dual on-board voltage regulators, two for each channel, tighten up the bass and eliminate the boominess of the original Naim NA323 boards. Top quality film and tantalum capacitors at the input, output, and now feedback loop bring an openness and air to all the instruments, and...

Z152 MM Phono Input

Z152 MM Phono Input

All prices include plug-ins for both channels. MusicPower moving magnet phono plug-in boards fit all NAC 12/32/42/62/72 series preamps. Finally, a superb quality phono board for Moving Magnet cartridges! Made with the same circuitry concepts as for Moving Coils, these boards feature dual on-board voltage regulators for each channel, top quality WIMA film output and feedback loop capacitors, and paralleled FET input transistors for low noise. With no input capacitor at all, this design brings a...

Z250V Adjustable Line Out Amp

Z250V Adjustable Line Out Amp

All prices include plug-ins for both channels. These plug-ins are included in the Custom Sets (above). Since these plug-ins provide the output drive to your power amps, all signals pass through them. Their importance is primary. Installing the Z250V's bring an immediate, dramatic enhancement to your classic preamp. Using polypropylene and tantalum capacitors, an FET opamp input, and unique circuit design, you will notice the new sense of dynamics and smoothness in your music. If you only...

Z324 Simple Buffer

Z324 Simple Buffer

All prices include plug-ins for both channels. For use as the Tape Out buffers in 32/72 preamps, these provide a definite improvement in the signal going to your headphone amplifier or ADC. Better definition, bass tightness, midrange clarity and musicality result from the use of state-of-the-art on-board voltage regulators and improved opamp circuitry compared to the standard Naim NA324 boards. Can also be used as replacement for the NA324/NA729 volume control buffer boards but does NOT have...

Z450 Line Level Jumper

Z450 Line Level Jumper

All prices include plug-ins for both channels. These plug-ins fit the NAC 32 series,NAC42, NAC62, and NAC 72 preamps and are similar to the Naim NA326 Link in providing a "no active circuitry" connection from the rear input connectors to the selector switch buffer (NAC 12/32/42/62 series) or time-aligned filter (NAC 72). Our plug-ins do provide an RF filter. Each pair of plug-ins can fit in one of the preamp's special input positions (usually called Phono and Aux or Phono 1 and Phono 2) to...

Z500 Relay

Z500 Relay

Updated relay board for classic Naim preamps. Turns on the relay at 23v after 5 second delay and turns off instantly at 22.5v for the best protection for your preamp. Reduces thumps during power interruptions. Functionally and physically exact drop-in replacement for NA325 board. A special feature of this replacement is that the signal goes straight through the board when in the normal "play" mode (after the 5s delay time). Unlike the Naim original, the signal does NOT go through the relay...

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