NAC 52/82/102/Nait3 Plug-Ins

The NAC 52/82/102 preamps and Nait3 have one plug-in section available, typically used for the phono input. We offer both the latest Z154 MC (moving coil) plug-in boards and the superb-sounding MM (Moving Magnet) Z155 Plug-In boards, which bring out the absolute best for your LPs in these preamps.

"All I have to says is WOW! I swapped in your Z155 cards this morning and they have totally transformed this little Nait"

These boards are designed to be mounted horizontally in the preamps rather than vertically as for other Naim preamps. Because of the non-availability of gold-plated connectors, we use high quality tin-plated versions which should give many years of excellent service.

All prices include plug-ins for both channels.

Easy plug-in installation with no soldering or modifications to your preamp. Your satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

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