RSL Phono-Stage

Now available after over two years in development, the RSL Phono-Stage brings you hi-end turntable sound quality at a down-to-earth price. By using plug-in boards, it can accommodate either a MM or MC cartridge and can be converted from one to the other at a future time if desired. The RSL Phono-Stage comes complete with a separate linear power supply and custom cable to connect dual voltages to the main unit. Compact and attractive, this stand-alone system will fit into almost any hifi system configuration.

While modest in size, the RSL Phono-Stage is big on features and sound quality that you have come to expect from Ryan Sound Lab, including:

- Guaranteed RIAA equalization to better than +/- 0.3db for the most accurate sound.

- Extremely low noise for both MC and MM versions.

- Phase-true input to output for correct transient reproduction.

- Exceptional tonality – a piano sounds like a piano! You will want to listen for hours at a time.

- Musicality and toe-tapping that you’ve come to expect from RSL.

- Wide sound stage that brings the music into your listening room.

- Able to drive very low loads – 1k ohm – for system flexibility.

- All internal connections are gold-plated for trouble-free service.

- RCA or BNC turntable input connectors available – your choice at no extra cost.

- 115v and 230v versions available. Comes with the proper power cable for either US or UK.

- Two year warranty on parts and labor. If it fails, RSL will fix it or replace it for free.

Click here to see the Owner's Manual for the RSL Phono-Stage.

See additional details for MC and MM versions below.

A loaner version is available in the UK (only) to audition the sound on your own system. To get on the list, please send your name and address to: The loaner program will be discontinued after 31 Dec 2020.

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