Custom Set w/Remote Volume Control


All prices include plug-ins for both channels. Buy the set and save $35 off individual prices.

This amazing set of MusicPower Plug-Ins brings the NAC12/32/32.5 and NAC72 preamps not just superb sound but also remote volume control! With this set you get the superb Z250V Line Amps **now with 3 selectable gain settings to best match your system's efficiency** (replace NA321 boards), the almost magic Z301 Time-Aligned Filter (replace NA729 boards), plus the Z302 Remote Volume Control System, including two hand controllers and extra batteries. The progressive resolution, 20-step remote controller uses relays and discreet 1% resistors to provide perfectly matched channel volumes (no integrated circuit attenuators here!). Fine volume resolution at loud listening levels complements larger steps at lower volumes to give you just the right kind of speed and control. As wonderful to listen to as it is a joy to use. See our remote volume control User Guide video here.

To tailor this set to your specific needs, select from a variety of input plug-ins we offer, including: Line Level Jumpers; High Level inputs; MC Phono; and MM Phono.

This set will propel your NAC 12,32,32.5 or 72 beyond an original NAC 82 based on independent listening tests!

Also, please note that the plug-ins in this set are identical for the NAC 12,32,32.5 and 72. You can use them equally well in any of them!

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