Z302 Remote Volume Control Upgrade


This plug-in controls both channels.

Now you can add Remote Volume Control to your already installed MusicPower Base Plug-In set for NAC12/32/32.5 or NAC72 preamps! THIS PLUG-IN REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED A CUSTOM SET WITH THE Z301 TIME-ALIGNED FILTERS. Previously only available on the later high-end Naim units (NAC52/82 and later), our remote is a joy to use and just as easy to install as our other upgrades. By using a RF (radio frequency) type of transmitter, you can add this capability without dangling wires or drilling holes. What's more, the remote works without having to point it at the preamp - even works from inside your pocket, anywhere in the room, or even the next room! Approximate range is up to 20'.

The progressive resolution, 20-step controller uses relays and discreet 1% resistors to provide perfectly matched channel volumes (no integrated circuit attenuators here!). Fine resolution at loud listening levels complements larger steps at lower volumes to give you just the right kind of speed and control. In addition to Up and Down buttons, there's also a Mute button plus a special "10 step cut" button to temporarily lower the volume a large amount all at once, then restore it with one more click. Great for turning down the audience applause at the end of a live performance without losing track of where you are on the album!

This upgrade is easy to install - absolutely no soldering or rewiring required. It fits into just one of the buffer positions originally occupied by either the NA324 (on the 12/32/32.5) or the NA729 (on the 72). The Z301 Time-Aligned board (part of the Custom Set) contains both channels and fits into the other buffer slot. The installation and operation of our unique Remote Volume Control design is completely described in the Installation manual for your unit in the Support section.

Also, please watch our remote volume control User Guide video here.

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