PSM-1 HiCap Upgrade Module


Finally, a state-of-the-art upgrade for the HiCap that brings out its full dynamic capability. Supplied on its own aluminum channel, this easy DIY project is an exact fit replacement for the existing regulator and requires re-soldering just 6 wires. You even get the Allen wrench for the bolts! Full instructions are available in our Support section.

Please be advised that this is a rather dramatic change to the sound of the HiCap. The bass is significantly tighter than before and can give the first impression of less overall bass. However, upon further listening, you will now be able to hear each bass note being played and less masking of other instruments on the sound stage. The initial attack of each note is much clearer, making it easier to separate the instruments. If that kind of sound is appealing, then this mod is for you.

Note that the channel color will be aluminum (not black) after the current stock of black heat sinks is exhausted.

And, as always, we give you a "no hassle" return policy if it doesn't meet your expectations. You pay only return shipping.

Click here to see the PSM-1 Regulator Module in our Support section for complete installation instructions.

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