PSM-2 Power Supply Module


This DIY module includes the rectifiers, capacitors, and voltage regulators to become the heart of a new power supply. Just add a transformer and enclosure to complete your project. This unit will bring the dynamics, imaging, and musicality of your system to new levels. Features include:

* State-of-the Art voltage regulators with greatly enhanced transient response performance for superb dynamics.

* Totally integrated unit that simply bolts to your enclosure. No loose parts.

* Dual independently adjustable outputs which cover the range 10v-30v when using a 25v rms transformer input.

* High current output capability of 1 amp for each regulator.

* A compact unit only 40mm high that fits in low overhead enclosures.

* Short-circuit proof outputs.

Note that the aluminum mounting channel will be aluminum after the current supply of black heat sinks is exhausted.

And of course, you get a complete money-back guarantee of satisfaction plus a two-year warranty on parts and labor.

Click here to see the PSM-2 Instruction Manual in our Support section for complete installation and technical information.

Also, be sure to see the instructions on how to use this module to upgrade a FlatCap2 and dramatically transform its performance here.

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