ZapCap Power Supply


Re-invigorate your love affair with your hifi system with an RSL ZapCap power supply. A direct replacement for a Naim HiCap, it can propel your Naim Preamplifier, crossover, or applicable CD player (e.g. CD5) to new heights of musicality. Reflecting the best of countless development variations and tests, this power supply will be a key part of delivering the full impact of the music from your system.

What makes the RSL ZapCap so different?

* "Right-sized transformer that gives you very clean bass notes, and clear mids and highs.

* Ultra-fast rectifiers and "audio grade" Nichicon capacitors for the fastest sound.

* State-of-the-art, low-noise regulators with exceptional transient response so every note is easier to hear and more life-like.

* Dual outputs adjustable over the range 20v-28v for flexibility. Set at 25v when shipped.

In a word, the ZapCap will add to the musicality of your system in a very meaningful way.

An easy swap for your HiCap, you have to ask yourself, "Why re-cap when I can upgrade for less?" Plus, it's guaranteed to please or your money back

Technical: Dual outputs - nominal 25v (adjustable over the range 20-28v); up to 0.5 amp per output continuous current rating; both 120v and 240v models available. Comes with a heavy duty power cord with the right connector for your location. Uses your existing 5-pin 240 degree DIN cable ("SNAIC") to connect to your component.

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