Z154 MC Moving Coil Plug-in Phono Boards


All prices include plug-ins for both channels.

These dynamic MC boards will bring your LPs to life. They utilize on-board voltage regulators for each gain stage, low noise input stage, film capacitors, and an overall accuracy better than +/- 0.5db. The input compensation is adjustable over a wide range of 58 ohms to 560 ohms and 1nf or 6.8nf capacitance so you can tweak your settings for optimum performance from your cartridge.

RSL moving coil phono plug-in boards fit all NAC 52/82/102 series preamps and come as a mirror-image, left/right matched pair. The Z154's are physically direct plug-in replacements for the original Naim phono or jumper boards. Easy installation - absolutely no soldering or rewiring required.

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