Tuner Upgrade Set


Here is a simple plug-in upgrade board set for NAT01 tuners that will take it to a new level. The twin pair of boards (4 boards total) replace both the output analog amplifiers and the multiplex driver boards to bring the renown RSL dynamics and clarity to your tuner.

This is a must-have upgrade for your tuner. Here's a quote from an early auditioner "audio24" on PinkFishMedia:

"I am quite surprised at the improvement. I've never heard an 01 sound like this before - never. Everything is just better. It's as if any restrictions have been removed and the full sound is finally allowed to come through. Stunning really."

Advanced circuitry which makes these boards really work include:
* On-board state-of-the-art voltage regulators for each gain stage for great dynamics.
* Film capacitors throughout the audio chain for enhanced clarity.
* Thin film resistors for lowest noise and distortion.
* Elimination of sound-killing aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

The set includes the Z250V Output Amps and the Z261 Multiplex Drivers for both channel. Installation is extremely - see the Support section.

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