Z155 MM Moving Magnet Plug-In Phono Boards


Prices include plug-ins for both channels.

Finally, a superb quality phono board for Moving Magnet cartridges! These boards feature on-board voltage regulators for each gain stage, top quality film and tantalum capacitors, and an extremely low noise design. In addition, the input capacitance is adjustable over the range of 0pf to 367pf in case you want to change it from the standard 100pf. Imaging is excellent. Now MM cartridges don't have to take a back seat to anything - they sound great!

RIAA compensation is within +/- 0.5db and provides some very low frequency rumble filtering in keeping with the European RIAA standard. The Z155 boards come with industry standard MM cartridge input compensation of 47k ohms but other values are available at no additional cost if desired.

RSL moving magnet phono plug-in boards fit all NAC 52/82/102 series preamps and come as a mirror-image, left/right matched pair. The Z155's are physically direct plug-in replacements for the original Naim phono or jumper boards. Easy installation - absolutely no soldering or rewiring required.

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