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Z150 MC Phono Input

So I couldn’t wait; I’ve having such a blast with the pre amp boards I’m now listening to the RSL MC phono boards.

Same thing right off the bat! I think Kit has done it again.

Some context, I am between stages and have been using 323/5/K boards in the pre and do maintain when fed by a nice PSU like my TPR4/Hi they are very good, so much so they will better a Dino/P75/Stageline, I also know and have used the Trilogy 907 which is superb.

First thing I did was to turn the vol up to 3o/c, very little noise and no hum, two pre requisites for me.

They are a little up front, fast and tight as you like, time like a demon, dead quiet and full of detail; right up my alley and completely in keeping with the overall sound of this pre amp.

It makes a very desirable package.

I’ve been listening to:


Cowboy Junkies – Caution Horses

Fleetwood Mac – S/T just ‘cause I love Stevie and Landside

They all sounded right.
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