Review added: 09/19/2022 by Patryk
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Z324 Simple Buffer

Used as NAC72 TapeOut directly into a Yamamoto head amp & Audio Technica closed back headphones.

The original Naim buffer boards, while certainly adding warmth to the 72 presentation it is known for, were masking the detail, dynamics and stifling soundstage as a result. I also wanted to retain the sound signature sound of Kit's excellent Custom Set and Z324s did that in spades! Even the direct nDAC's RCA out sounds more restrained in comparison across all of the above-mentioned sound aspects.

The sound is now detailed, but not oversharpened, with wonderful dynamics, and enough space for the sounds to decay freely. This in turn translates into a really layered soundstage, something which is always a challenge with closed-back headphones.

Simply excellent.
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