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Well I’ve settled own for a proper listen and again right from the get go the difference is quite apparent.

I will preface what comes next by saying and this to me is such an important thing; the RSL boards do not change the Naim signature/sound, the system has not lost it’s character at all, it quite simply sounds like it has a better pre amplifier which would seem to be Kit’s objective. He has executed this with aplomb.

The short verdict is the RSL boards are a no brainer, I really don’t feel the need to go back and forth but have a trusted additional set of ears popping in at the weekend and we will do a bit of that for due diligence and context.

The thing I notice immediately is such a sense of presence, a more intimate performance and more in the room. There is also a sense of air and space around instruments, very engaging at the same time crisp and clean; they have many of the charms of the 52, which is perhaps my favourite pre amplifier.

Percussion is exemplary, you get the sense of a real strike on a snare, a crash on a cymbal; timing is beyond reproach. The sound is bigger and more in control, diction with the vocal is more clear. None of this is done in an analytical fashion.

I have been listening to Diana Krall’s Girl in the Other Room and Touch by Yellow. Two very familiar albums and it’s easy for me to spot the differences which are not subtle.

I will give the MC phono boards a try another time but for now I can say I’ll be buying the replacement 321/729 boards ; Kit put a set aside please.

Congratulations then to Kit Ryan, this is a significant upgrade.
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