RSL Preamp & Power Supply

The thrill is back! Remember when you got something new for your hifi system and were so excited that you listened to all your music anew? Well that feeling is now back with the RSL Preamp and Power Supply - a truly musical heart for you hifi system. This pair of components take dynamics, clarity, and musicality to a whole new level. If you like really clean, tight bass lines, the ability to follow the melody of all the instruments, and the transient punch of the original recording, then this combo is for you. If you want to feel like you are in the studio or on stage listening to the actual recording being made, this combination will do it. In short, these could be the most toe-tapping components ever made and will transform your listening experience. Click on the image for an introductory tour.

Over two years in development, with numerous prototypes and literally dozens of power supply configurations built and tested, we have been able to optimize all the best characteristics of a preamplifier without compromise. The features and flexibility of these amazing units are more thoroughly described here or by clicking on the "RSL Preamp Set" product listing below.

Additionally, the RSL Power Supply can act as a stand-alone unit to other critical components in your system. For example, when used as the supply for a Naim CD5 CD player, it dramatically elevates its performance when compared to a FlatCap2 or even a HiCap. The bass in significantly tighter and the attack of each note brings a sense of realism and excitement that was lacking before. See additional details here .

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Z150 MC Phono Input

Z150 MC Phono Input

All prices include plug-ins for both channels. MusicPower moving coil phono plug-in boards fit all NAC 12/32/42/62/72 series preamps. These boards bring a dramatic improvement in musicality and openness to your LPs. Dual on-board voltage regulators, two for each channel, tighten up the bass and eliminate the boominess of the original Naim NA323 boards. Top quality WIMA film capacitors at the input, output, and now feedback loop bring an openness and air to all the instruments, and especially...

Z152 MM Phono Input

Z152 MM Phono Input

All prices include plug-ins for both channels. MusicPower moving magnet phono plug-in boards fit all NAC 12/32/42/62/72 series preamps. Finally, a superb quality phono board for Moving Magnet cartridges! Made with the same circuitry concepts as for Moving Coils, these boards feature dual on-board voltage regulators for each channel, top quality WIMA film output and feedback loop capacitors, and paralleled FET input transistors for low noise. With no input capacitor at all, this design brings a...

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