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SOLD OUT!!!! PSM-1 HiCap Regulator Upgrade Modules and PSM-2 Power Supply Modules. Sorry if you missed them.

Special note for customers from Germany: Please contact me directly prior to ordering to establish an appropriate shipping method. I will send direct PayPal invoices for your order rather than ordering through this site. Please contact me at: jc.ryan@verizon.net.

Now available: MC and MM phono boards for Naim 52/82/Nait3 series of amps. These boards use the identical circuitry and have the same adjustability features as the 32/72 series boards but lie flat inside the preamp instead of standing up. Same price as the regular series boards. Z154 MC ($295) and Z155 MM ($255) plus shipping. If interested, please email me and I will send a direct PayPal invoice for your order since they have not been added to the site yet. email: jc.ryan@verizon.net.

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RSL Plug-ins for your classic Naim Preamp or Tuner

Not merely an upgrade, the RSL Plug-Ins will totally transform your preamp by replacing all the active circuitry to bring you the most dynamic and engaging sound you have ever heard from your system!

 Find out more by clicking on the image below or going directly to the Plug-In Product page at left 

"This is the best upgrade I’ve ever experienced, regardless of cost, and (in conjunction with a modified HICAP) bests my previous NAC272/XPS combination (itself a great performer) comfortably, making music sound ... rather more like music. " (R.T. in Nottinghamshire UK, October 2018)

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New versions of MC (shown below) and MM plug-ins now available.

The latest MC plug-in has upgraded circuitry for clearer, more dynamic sound plus the ability to set your own cartridge compensation values. Covering the range from 54 to 560 ohms and with both 1nf and 6.8nf capacitance available, you can easily adjust your settings for the very best sound quality. Click on the image below to find out more.

The latest MM boards will arrive shortly and will include adjustable input capacitance. From 0pf through 367pf in 47pf increments. Although 100pf is industry standard, some cartridges can benefit from modification. Any orders placed after 17 May 2021 will have the latest version shipped. That means MM boards will ship after about 28 May 2021.

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