ZapCap Power Supply and Modules

We offer three great ways to improve your sound system's power supplies and have fun at the same time!

* PSM-1: A drop-in replacement for the HiCap regulator module

* PSM-2: A stand-alone power supply module that just requires a transformer for a complete supply.

* ZapCap: A complete replacement for your HiCap supply.

The ZapCap will bring out the full dynamics of your system. The two DIY modules will put you on that path to the best sound plus give you the satisfaction of building it yourself.

Item Name-
ZapCap Power Supply

ZapCap Power Supply

Re-invigorate your love affair with your hifi system with an RSL ZapCap power supply. A direct replacement for a Naim HiCap, it can propel your Naim Preamplifier, crossover, or applicable CD player (e.g. CD5) to new heights of musicality. Reflecting the best of countless development variations and tests, this power supply will be a key part of delivering the full impact of the music from your system. What makes the RSL ZapCap so different? * "Right-sized transformer that gives you very clean...

PSM-1 HiCap Upgrade Module

PSM-1 HiCap Upgrade Module

Finally, a state-of-the-art upgrade for the HiCap that brings out its full dynamic capability. Supplied on its own aluminum channel, this easy DIY project is an exact fit replacement for the existing regulator and requires re-soldering just 6 wires. You even get the Allen wrench for the bolts! Full instructions are available in our Support section. Please be advised that this is a rather dramatic change to the sound of the HiCap. The bass is significantly tighter than before and can give the...

PSM-2 Power Supply Module

PSM-2 Power Supply Module

This DIY module includes the rectifiers, capacitors, and voltage regulators to become the heart of a new power supply. Just add a transformer and enclosure to complete your project. This unit will bring the dynamics, imaging, and musicality of your system to new levels. Features include: * State-of-the Art voltage regulators with greatly enhanced transient response performance for superb dynamics. * Totally integrated unit that simply bolts to your enclosure. No loose parts. * Dual...

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