NAT01 Tuner Plug-Ins

Naim NAT01 Tuner Lovers Unite! The Naim tuner has a good musicality to it and a devoted following. However, you can really boost the performance with our Tuner Upgrade Set described below. Just plug-in the four upgrade boards and enjoy the enhanced dynamics and tonality - yes even from a tuner. No soldering, rewiring or any permanent changes required. Read more of the plug-in details below.

Easy installation - Click here to see the Installation Guide in our Support section for additional description of features.

As always, our plug-ins use gold connectors (identical to Naim's), top quality fiberglass boards, and eliminate aluminum electrolytics for reliability and long life. If you are not completely satisfied, just return the boards for a full refund.

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Tuner Upgrade Set

Tuner Upgrade Set

Here is a simple plug-in upgrade board set for NAT01 tuners that will take it to a new level. The twin pair of boards (4 boards total) replace both the output analog amplifiers and the multiplex driver boards to bring the renown RSL dynamics and clarity to your tuner. This is a must-have upgrade for your tuner. Here's a quote from an early auditioner "audio24" on PinkFishMedia: "I am quite surprised at the improvement. I've never heard an 01 sound like this before - never. Everything is just...

Z250V Adjustable Line Out Amp

Z250V Adjustable Line Out Amp

All prices include plug-ins for both channels. These plug-ins are included in the Custom Sets (above). Since these plug-ins provide the output drive to your power amps, all signals pass through them. Their importance is primary. Installing the Z250V's bring an immediate, dramatic enhancement to your classic preamp. Using polypropylene and tantalum capacitors, an FET opamp input, and unique circuit design, you will notice the new sense of dynamics and smoothness in your music. If you only...

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